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Personal Alchemy

The Basic Premise

Anyone who has traded the markets for any length of time eventually realizes that it is all about self-work. Those who don't either quit in frustration or lose their stake.

This is quite an epiphany. So our personal growth apps are probably more valuable to a trader than the thousands of lines of trading systems that we offer.

Now don't get me wrong, this is not to say that the trading apps are not useful. Quite the opposite actually: The apps are top notch and they are indispensible in day to day trading activities.

But, even with the best software in the world, trading ultimately boils down to learning to control the only thing that you can control - yourself.

Coming Soon!

It turns out that learning self control is a big project! And it is useful to people in all walks of life, not just traders. So we have collected and polished these apps and will soon share them with you.

As a member you will get a place to track your personal progress toward achieving the goals in your life. Also, because your data is online you can access it from anywhere. And because everything is encrypted with a client, you can be sure that your most personal thoughts are secure. And you can't beat the price!