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Systems Engineering

We streamline your business.

Our Goals

  • To provide high-value consulting services to the leaders of small and medium-sized business, not-for-profit, and public organizations.
  • To provide high-impact custom full-stack implementations built with state-of-the-art tools and techniques.
  • To provide Thai developers with state-of-the-art consulting training and experiences to enhance their career prospects.

Our Services

Shane Bow constantly strives to meet the rapidly changing needs of its clients both domestic and abroad. We are dedicated to providing high-value and high-impact advice in areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, Internet commerce, information systems, and production management.

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Our Consulting Process

Decades of engineering and software development experience enable us to identify and exploit opportnities to streamline and automate operations.

We have helped our clients: improve productivity; enhance morale; reduce expenses; increase cash flows; augment Internet and e-marketing resources; and strengthen brand awareness for their organization and its products and services.

We enjoy interacting with business people, thrive in ever-changing project cultures, value the importance of working to deadlines, have a wide range of qualitative and quantitative skills, and work well with both junior and senior level staff or managers.


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ShaneBow Academy

World-class developer education: for beginners to  experienced coders. Jump in right now.

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Enterprise Consulting

We keep up on all the latest developments in the technology space, so you don't have to. And, unlike software venors, we give you an impartial view of which solution is best for you.

Custom Code

Although we encourage using existing software whenever possible, sometimes it is necessary to get different systemss to talk to each other. Also, we are expert at correlating data for divergent systems.

Make it work

Dev Ops

Writing the code is only half the battle — it must be deployed and the hosts maintained.

Security is a primary concern here: Maintaining SSL certificates, permissions, privileges, and other server settings are crucial along with monitoring the access logs continuously.

Elux Inventory is now in testing

Over the past year, ShaneBow has been consistently enhancing its inventory platform, which is a comprehensive system to track products from the manufacture order to the final customer sale.

The platform consists of mobile apps that read the product serial number from a QR code affixed to the product. There are apps for staff, distributors, and customers.

Superior analytics and Business Intelligence

The back end servers collect all this data which drives the the powerful backoffice.

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