Research & Development

Expose is a developer tool used to view files and various system information. It is based on the original Norton Utilities from way back, and more recently on Gander which were both execelent tools that I really miss. So, I "rolled my own" and this is it.

Since the program uses a Window's Explorer type interface, I chose to name the program Expose. I toyed with the idea of Exploder, but it reminded me of Blake's truck. I dunno, I'm open to a new name!

Essentially, you just navigate through the file system using the tree on the left side of the screen. The right side displays the binary contents of the file on top, and if possible a friendly rendering on the bottom. Of course the split panes are resizable.

One of my favorite features is the search — It is so much better than what windows gives you, and it's fast too. It starts in the directory you are browsing and recurses the subdirectories. You specify which file extensions to search, whether to ignore case, and it takes regular expressions. I swear I use this feature at least once a day! It displays the matching lines and you can drag and drop the results to other apps.

I intend to add a sed type feature as well, but you'll have to wait for the next version! I also want to add some right click functionality to the file tree.

Oh, there are several other features as well - for instance you can easily download files from a url. And there are a bunch of unit converters, as an American now living in a metric land, I find these very handy.

Hope it's somewhat useful to ya "as is." If nothing else, it's a pretty good picture viewer, a la the original ACDC for those who remember that app (not the band). The Shrink to fit and Stretch to fit checkboxes are really handy: Note that they both maintain the aspect ratio.